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American Friends of SOAS (AFSOAS)


The John Loiello AFSOAS Scholarship is a need-based award, established to give the most talented and deserving US students the chance to study at SOAS - an opportunity they would not have had otherwise.

The John Loiello AFSOAS Scholarship is entirely supported by alumni contributions - a HUGE thank to all alumni who have donated and make the John Loiello AFSOAS Scholarship possible!


         Cristina Leifson 2014/15 John Loiello AFSOAS Scholar  


Brooke Scherer Beardslee (BA Politics 1988)

Edward Sherman Ross (PhD Economics Research 2014)


John Dudley Rogers (MA South Asian Stuides 1979, PhD History of South Asia 1983)


Robert Kricheff (MSc Financial Economics 2011)


Joshua William Potter (MA African Studies 1976)


Donald Wilson (Postgraduate Diploma Asian Arts 2013)


Dr Martin Amresh Menski (BA Geography 2001)


Magdalena Hauner

Jefferson Scott Shreve (MA International Studies and Diplomacy 1998)

Ann Louise Leibowitz (Postgraduate Diploma Asian Arts (India) 2003, MA African/Asian History 2006) 

Carol Rehm (LLM 1988)

Sarah Josephine Lloyd-Wells (MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 1992)


Bharathi Anandhi Venkatraman (MA South Asian Studies 1991)

Professor Donald Edward Brown (MPhil Anthropology 1967)

Chelsea L Daymon (MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 2006)

Jonah Tyler Robinson (Associate Student - Study Abroad Scheme 2013)

Brianna Whitney Kalk (MA African Studies 2007)

Elizabeth Lodge

David Alonzo Stedman (MA African Studies)

Grant Alexander Gonzalez (MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 2008)

Kaitlyn Pieper (MA Turkish Studies 2013)

Monica Vidili (MA Anthropology 2000)

Pyae Phyo Kyaw (MSc Finance and Development 2011)

John William Farris Skolout

Monica Stone (MSc Economics (South Asias) 2012)

Martin Monroe (MA Ancient Near Eastern Languages 2008)

Gretchen Anne King (MSc Violence, Conflict and Development 2011)

Liana Tepperman (MSc Violence, Conflict and Development 2012)

Gisele Atterberry (Postgraduate Diploma Asian Arts 2008)

William Byers (MA Dispute and Conflict Resolution 2013)

Ariel Megumi Okamoto (MA Comparative Literature (Africa/Asia) 2013)

Ben Lifson Kaufman (MA Anthropology)

Libby Taylor (BA Sothebys Asian Arts 1992)

Nathan Altshuler (BA Anthropology 1992)

Carolyn Branch (BA Sothebys Asian Arts 1992, MA Archaeology 1994)

James Robert Brighton (MSc Public Policy and Management 2004)

Jenanne Elder (MSc Development Studies 2008)

Professor Ray Arthur Kea (PhD History 1972)

Naciem Nikkhah (MA History of Art And/or Archaeology 2013)

Donald Joslin Pearce (BA Japanese 1944)

Christine Ann Ramsis (PhD Politics 1993)

Clifford Todd Russell (PhD Economics Research 2014)

Michael Joseph Boyle (MA South East Asian Art Studies 1980)

Professor John William Johnson (MPhil African Studies 1971)

Benoit Guy Francois Challand (MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 2000)

Frederick Martin Andrews (BA Vietnamese Lang. 1969, MSc Economics 1972)

Gregory Taylor Buie (MA International Studies and Diplomacy 2008)

Ted P Cookson 

Samir Farrag (MSc Violence, Conflict and Development 2011)

Michael Freedman (BA Intercollegiates 2004)

Karl Douglass Hansen (LLM 2008)

Marina Henry (BA African Studies and Law 2014)

Christine M Ingram

Christopher Keeney (MSc Development Studies 2010)

Thomas Stephen O'Connell (MSc Development Economics 2006)

Jessica Ramanja Asotha Ramakrishnan (BA Politics and Development Studies 1998)

Graham Rasmussen (MSc Public Policy and Management 2014)

Dr Ara Garabed Kriker Sanjian (PhD History 1996)

Kiri M Schultz (MA South East Asian Studies 1994)

Christine Seisun (MA International Law 2012)

Dirck Eugene Westervelt (MA History 1966)

Michael David Wills (BA Hindi Language 1978)

Dr Edward Allan (PhD Linguistics 1973)

Katherine Swiggett (MA Human Rights Law 2014)

Lauren Welch 

Davina Kaldani (MSc Economics with Reference to the Middle East 2013)