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Why give to SOAS?

SOAS is at the forefront of scholarship in the regions of Africa, Asia and the Middle East. SOAS academics and students grapple with the most pressing issues facing our world - human rights, identity, democracy, development, poverty, religion and social change.

However, as you may know, the way higher education is funded is changing. Student fees have increased and institutions such as SOAS, which specialise in arts, humanities and social sciences, have faced significant cuts. As a result, we have become increasingly reliant on philanthropic support.

By donating to SOAS, you have the power to help bright students from low-income backgrounds study at SOAS, support vital academic research and help SOAS continue to challenge perspectives and promote understanding. 
The support of the SOAS alumni community will help SOAS to invest in its future and preserve this unique beacon of knowledge for future generations of students and scholars. 

Where your money goes

  • Support scholarships
    Scholarships ensure that the best students can access a SOAS education and  break down financial barriers.

  • Fund student bursaries and welfare support
    Hardship funds and bursaries ensure that student who face financial difficulties during their studies have the support they need to focus on their education. 

  • Support academics in need
    SOAS work with CARA (The Council for At-Risk Academics) to host academics at risk of persecution in their home countries at SOAS and to fund their academic research. 

  • Improve learning and teaching facilities
    Support of capital projects ensure we can deliver a world-class education for SOAS students. 

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